Sustainable, Clean & Green

It is not a myth that IT can be sustainable. The mindset of keeping resource wastage as low as possible is the right path. But how do we do it?

Clean code

Following the definition of done in Code Factor Solutions, we remove unwanted lines so servers do not need to waste resources processing. Constant code reviews keeps our work the best in the industry has to offer.

Network traffic

While keeping qualify of life in UX, we keep network traffic as low as possible & pursue single page application. This is so that our servers do not require tearing down and rebuilding pages as frequent, saving electricity & being green to our environment.

Reusable maintainable code

Every element that will be a duplicate somewhere are written as a reusable class with flexibility of inheriting data slots. Coupling Tailwind CSS and Laravel Blade, it is possibly the most powerful and sustainable frontend modern tech has to offer.

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