Frequently asked questions

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What is agile or scrum?
Agile is an iterative and incremental approach to software development that emphasizes focus on values for customer, flexibility & collaboration. Scrum is an Agile framework for managing and organizing software development projects. It provides a structured yet flexible approach that emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and adaptability.
Do I need to know agile?
No, you do not need to. But we do encourage every organisation to consider an introduction.
How long is a sprint?
Small sprints can be as quick as 5 work days. Maximum days in a sprint is capped at 20 work days.
Does price vary with length of sprint?
Yes, the price listed is a quick guide. Talk to us for a better understanding on costings.
What are our stacks?
Laravel, Livewire, AlpineJS, Tailwind CSS.
How about other stacks like Vue, React or NodeJS?
We can if the project value is worth it.
Why Laravel?
Laravel has a whole eco system in place, we can reduce developement time and yet have quality clean code.
What happens after product launch?
There is a support contract that we can work with you for maintenance and unforseen bug fixes. Even after completion we can adjust to your business discoveries with new sprints. We will never leave you hanging, that is not what partnership should do.

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